• Image of French Workwear-Jumpsuit
  • Image of French Workwear-Jumpsuit
  • Image of French Workwear-Jumpsuit

Indigo Blue French workwear jumpsuit
Double zipper closure
100% Cotton
Front breast and hip pockets
Elastic waist on inner back
Shoulders 48cm
Arm length from under arm seam 48cm
Breast 50 cm
Waist 45 cm/ Hips 50cm
Leg length from inner seam 78// from hips 97cm leg width 23cm
can be worn with bottom of leg hem rolled or loose

Bleu de travail” means “work blues" in French. So-called because the majority of French workwear was dyed a deep, occasionally purple-y indigo blue. The or depth of this unique blue hue can be attributed to the fabrics most often used in French workwear – sometimes a canvas or cotton but usually a moleskin, a fabric where both warp and weft threads are dyed the same color.
A vintage holy grail: the French Work Trouser is iconic piece produced in this evocative deep indigo hue. These trousers are typically high-waisted and full-legged, sometimes with deep pleats, and usually with just a single patch pocket on the rear. Like modern painter’s pants they usually have small pockets and subtle hammer loops on the outseam, but unlike modern painter’s pants – not every hipster at your local thrift store has their own pair.