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Image of French Workwear Jumpsuit Moleskin

French Workwear Jumpsuit Moleskin


Moleskin Blue French workwear jumpsuit

100% Cotton
Zip on each breast
Zip closure

Bleu de travail” means “work blues" in French. So-called because the majority of French workwear was dyed a deep, occasionally purple-y indigo blue.
Made from an exceptionally resistant coated cotton fabric that is still incredibly soft and comfortable, also known as moleskin. This close-weave fabric is super smooth to the touch. A uniquely sturdy and soft material, for fashion that stands the test of time.
Moleskin is the original material for French wok Blues and more rare to find than other simple cotton models.

The industrial revolution led to the use of blue working clothes (Bleu de travaille).
They are resistant, practical, easy to wear, clothing that stands the test of time.
The Bleu de travaille has become an iconic vintage staple that represents classe à la cool. They can be worn with the sleeves and legs rolled, relaxed, fitted or oversized. A truly versatile style that adapts to the wearer and gets better with age.
The shortened sleeves prevented it from getting caught in a sharp machine and gives it a distinct style.

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